Sylvi Salonen Oy

Finnish handicrafts, Home decor, Scandinavian design

The boutique was founded in 1928 by Sylvi Salonen, who started selling her own embroidery designs. Nowadays Sylvi Salonen still offers a wide selection of embroidery and handwork accessories but also high quality gifts and trendy home decor items. In the boutique you'll find Finnish handicrafts, rugs, textiles and ceramics designed by Finnish artists. Also a versatile range of tableware accessories, candles and lanterns.

We are situated in the Fortuna quarter in the centre of Turku, Linnankatu 14. We have renovated an old stall building of the 1880's into a modern two story boutique which still has beautiful characteristics of the past. You are heartly welcome to Sylvi Salonen.

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Sylvi Salonen
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